Get Order Info

Get user order info (Authentication type: KEYED, See Interface Permission)

Request Format


Request Limit

See Detailed Rate Limit

Request Parameter

Field Type Required? Description
contractID long Yes Contract ID
orderID long Yes Order ID


Request example


Response Data

Field Type Description
order_id long Order ID
contract_id long Contract ID
position_id long Position ID
account_id long Account ID
price string Price
vol string Volume
done_avg_price string Averge filled price
done_vol string Filled volume
way int Yes Order side
1: Open long
2: Close short
3: Close long
4: Open short
category int Yes Order type
1: Limit order
2: Market order
make_fee string Maker fee
take_fee string Taker fee
origin string Origin of order
created_at string Create time
finished_at string Completion time
status int Status
errno int Error code

Example of returned data format

  "code": 1000,
  "message": "OK",
  "data": {
    "orders": [
        "order_id": 10539098,
        "contract_id": 1,
        "position_id": 10539088,
        "account_id": 10,
        "price": "16",
        "vol": "1",
        "done_avg_price": "16",
        "done_vol": "1",
        "way": 3,
        "category": 1,
        "make_fee": "0.00025",
        "take_fee": "0.012",
        "origin": "",
        "created_at": "2018-07-23T11:55:56.715305Z",
        "finished_at": "2018-07-23T11:55:56.763941Z",
        "status": 4,
        "errno": 0

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